Rene Santana, the first and last names given to me by my loving parents, is how people have come to know me, otherwise, I am that guy with the voluptuous hair. I enjoy philosophy, coffee, and the holy Trinty of Christianity. I write reviews for bands I fancy, and if you have a band that you fancy, then good on you. I also write poetry, though I myself don’t understand why I do it or what its purpose is. On occasion, I’ll write about my thoughts, which are perfectly messy and completely whimsical, just like yours.  Anything else I’ll post will be determined by what I decided to write about next, but assurance, I will write, so I’m at least consistent. With that, those, and this, I present, Progressional Christian; the blog that progresses,  unlike cats.

If you want me to write a review for your beloved band,  then let me know and I’ll happily write one up for you in a day’s time! I also do edits for essays, short stories, and articles. If you are interested in writing a book or something of thicker content, then I would be more than willing to accompany you in your work!

Here’s my email, please send me stuff so that my life has purpose!





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