There is a quote from a play, or movie, whichever came first, that goes like this “I’ve always wanted to be a June Bride… and have a baby right off, in the spring maybe”. Sound familiar? It didn’t to me when I first heard it, but it makes sense after seeing how many weddings take place in the month of June. I only attended two, but those two were enough to make me see something I completely missed from previous weddings, so stay seated and continue to read on, as here was a portion of my life in the month of June.

As I previously stated, there were two weddings I decided to attend, and although a few years ago, I wouldn’t have bothered talking about these weddings, that’s if I hadn’t felt something much deeper with these wedding than past years. It’s as if these had been the most important weddings that I have ever attended, even though I’ve been to weddings that should have meant way more to me, but just didn’t. The crazy thing is that I had very little connection with the bride and groom. As for the weddings that were in Yakima, my hometown, I had known the couple much better, but the weddings still didn’t affect me as much as these did. And I’m totally okay with this. It’s because these were the weddings in which I had to be myself, not with the help of my Yakima friends, who I’d often use to help me show who I am. Now that I look back on those wedding, I, unfortunately, took for granted the beauty that was unfolding in front of me, as I realize that I am may not be far from experiencing the same event.

I have a woman in my life that I am pursuing, and her name is Sarah, Sarah Brieenne Newlin. The thought of her is preceded by endless amounts of joy, peace, beauty and grace. I have had such a great privilege to pursue her in a relationship to win her heart, only to soon spend my life with her. She thinks the exact same thing, which is quite awesome, to say the least. She is a real blessing, and I’m telling you all about her to simply paint a picture in your head of how much she means to me so then to connect the dots to the main topic. If I was already making a large sum of money, perhaps the idea of a life together would be possible.

I know that we’re getting real close, and it’s because of how much we have talked to each other. In fact, it’s that we talk so much that helps us, it’s the issues that we talk about that truly push us forward and help us to love each other so much more, and I am so proud of this fact. If I could, I could go on for days trying to describe what it’s like to be with her, and I hope as an outsider, you may be able to see that. Maybe the reason why the idea of marriage has become such a beautiful event to me is because, as I’m in this amazing relationship, I finally understand why there is so much joy that pours out of these weddings!  I have really enjoyed sitting there, seeing the amount of joy that is shared between the bride and groom, I mean, love is not easy, it’s simple, but definitely not easy! And just knowing that the couple made it as far as the altar, and then hearing the pastor speak to the couple, they are probably two of the jolliest, yet impatient people in the room, or town, or state, etc. Being able to see those weddings has really made me appreciate how important a wedding truly is, so I am so thankful that I got to attend those weddings! Such great joy!

Well, thank you for again for reading my blog, I hope you have a great day!


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