With each strike by a peg to a string 

There is a wave that passes as they ring

and as a wave travels, it becomes a 




All to the lead of its own creator 

for before, it simply had no mentor 

and for a wave to know its purpose, mustn’t 

it have a tutor?


Some are weak

Some are ferocious 

Some are timid 

others, lackadaisical 

but a few, confident.

And for those confident few 

they sit at life’s dock, for they have at the best view 

and with that, they see and hear all 

that is new

Even these waves you produce 

by which your hands and these wooden keys 

made a truce. 

As they seen you fought for ages to loose

the resistance of those keys, only to 

begin the path of which was chosen for you 

To be 



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