More than a Princess

On one side of the bedroom, there’s a mirror that looks out to the great eastern plains of Colorado. To the side opposite of the mirror is a window that reflects it. It’s raining, with a bit of sunshine in the clouds. I sit on the bed, legs folds in, holding tightly, weeping. There is no doubt that they’re coming for me, they will find me, but I have no idea what exactly they’ll do to me. I try to compose herself, I can’t fend them off if I’m blinded by her tears. “They take them, right before me, and they just… vanished! Where did they go? Why are they kidnapping my family? What have we done? WHY? I tremble in my thoughts, but I forced myself to clear my mind. Unfolding my legs, and quietly leaping off the bed, and I grab the wooden sword under the bed. Holding the saber close to my chest, I whisper a prayer. Footsteps are heard, coming up from the hallway. These footsteps are calm, they’re in no rush. I breathe through my nose, long drawn out breaths, and recall what my brothers taught me about fighting. In a calm mood, I focus on my breathing. The footsteps reach the top step, I lower my sword, and duck down. With shock and fear settled, only for a brief, I saw an odd view at both the mirror and the window. For, the mirror is showing one world, and so is the window!

It’s night time, and what more, I’m in Cheshire, not Colorado, but I knew where the location was because my Mother grew up in the States during the first world war. Baffled by this sighting, I get up to see what was really going on. The footsteps grew closer, but I wasn’t paying attention to that, as I proceeded closer to the mirror. I thought, “maybe if I go and touch the mirror, it’ll transport me. I don’t know where, but anywhere other than here would be wonderful!”. Nothing, my hand on the mirror, confused, and only more surprised by what I ended up seeing. Then a voice manifests from the footsteps. “Samantha Bower, your presence is required in the royal hall, please do come out”. “Samantha who?” thinking for a second, I drop the thought and walk over to the window, then attempt to open it. knock is heard, the knock is calm but intentional. The window opens, and without a single thought of hesitation, I jump out, into the rainy plains of Colorado.

Running out towards the road, my eyes fix upon a strange sight, I see the weather completely change. About 15 feet ahead of me, the sky was clear and it’s night time, but also, there’s my dad’s truck. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I decide to run towards it, hoping to escape my surreal set of adventures. From the house, my pursuers came out to see me running towards the night sky, and booked it towards me, and never have I ever felt more afraid than at that moment. The closer I came to the truck, the more weight I felt lift off from me as if chains were being lifted off me. Then, in a few steps, I heard the cry of my pursuers “Miss Samantha Kendra Bower, please, we need you, don’t leave!”. My body left the stormy skies of Colorado, and then, I was back, on my ranch, body on the truck, grasping onto it, breathing heavily, and attempting to regain focus. The pursuers were no longer after me, and so I gave myself a few minutes to let my mind process everything that had just happened. I want to believe that I’m taking a serious power nap, but how could I, when I thought every time it was thought it was all but a horrible dream, I never woke up from it. I began having a massive headache thinking about what my pursuers were calling me.

“Kendra Samantha Bower”, why did this name ring a bell. And such a loud one too. And who exactly did I see in that mirror? She looked a lot like… No, that’s not possible, I must be… no, maybe I am… What if I am in a coma? Yes, that must be it, or else, how could I be dreaming so much? Where else could I be experiencing such odd occurrences, but in a sequence of dreams? The theory gave me a bit of relief, but it wasn’t a true fact, and I had no idea what else it could be.


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