Vitamin: 10:45pm

Not long before I realized I was in the hands of a thief, who was willing to take my life if necessary.

“SARA!!!!  I FOUND YOUR BOW AND ARROW!!!” I yelled as I grabbed the weapon, running to her, hopefully not being noticed by the thief.  I then started thinking “It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago, we just started these experiments and now we have our backs being watched by these agencies.”

The thief drew closer to them as he continued searching through every nook and cranny to find the files on the experiments.

“It’s only a matter of time before I find your dirty secrets, and then I’ll make sure you had nothing to do with them,” the thief said, fiddling with the two ladies.

Sara had managed to sneak behind the thief, and in doing so, she got a great view of the criminal’s actions. Fortunately for us, he wasn’t anywhere the near the files, just so long as they keep the thief on the bottom floor. I snuck past the thief and handed Sara her bow and arrows, and Sara quickly got into firing position.

“Now here’s the fun part, choosing where to shoot this scumbag.” Said Sara. “Sara, you can’t kill the guy, that’ll put us in a world trouble, I mean neither of us has ever killed anybody, and I personally don’t want to start. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be the one to kill him, so I guess you would be the one responsible for his death, oh I hope he can’t hear us…” I went on till Sara gave a little shush, and continued to choose a spot to hit the thief with…

The thief got closer until Sara was able to shoot him at point blank, and that’s when she made her target. She slowly lifted her bow, aimed it at the thief’s hand with a gun in it, breathed in slow, exhaled, pulled the bow back, continued her breathing, aimed once more, and then she let go. The arrow shot through the man’s hand, disarming him of his pistol and flinging him sideways toward the wall. As quick as she could, went for another arrow, and while she took aim, Emilee grabbed a knife from the counter top and held it closer to her chest.

“Sara?” “Yes Emilee?” as Sara pulls back her bow.

“Do you think the serum will kick in soon?”

“Emilee, you should know, you’re the one who made the stuff.”

“Yeah, but I was hoping you’d remember if it will or not…”

Sara lets go of the bow, and the man’s hand is nailed to the wall by the arrow. I see my chance to attack the man, not wanting any reason for his robbery. Running towards him, I give a swift cut; this sliced through the man’s clothes, giving him a good diagonal line across his chest. Blood Seeped through the man’s clothes as he let out a growling howl from the pain he just endured. As he fell to his knees, I went to the pick up the gun, and within a few seconds, I disassembled it and put it’s the pieces on the counter.

“Emilee, within an hour, the serum should start kicking in, or at least that’s what I remember” “that should be enough time.” I walk towards the man, kneeling in front of him, placing the knife under his chin, lifting his face up with it.

“I’m not in the right conditions to bury a body, so do me a favor and leave us.”

“Ha, sorry, but it’s that or your body that’s gonna get buried.”

She held the knife close to his chin, moving the sharp edge of the blade across his chin, barely cutting through the flesh.

“Listen, I’m willing to die to keep this serum away from the hands of the agencies, I know what they’d do if they got their ravenous hands on it” I looked straight into the man’s eyes with a glare that could kill any man’s spirit, yet he kept his composure.

“You don’t have a clue what that serum could do, even if you did create it, you don’t know what it is. You’re just stuck in your naïve world thinking you’re doing the right thing with it.”

I held the knife with firmness; Sara drew another arrow and readied her bow, for safety. The thief went on saying

“You’re wasting your time making the serum, as even you’d be tempted to use its potential for your own good. How would I know your intention, cause of how of the countless times I’ve seen teens like you make something useful to society and after a while see that it could be used to benefit you in a greater way.”

“And countless times I’ve seen and read about agencies becoming corrupted by one’s selfish desires, so I don’t care what your opinion is, we’ll prove you wrong because you judge us as young naïve teens looking to change the world, well here’s a news flash.”

I look at Sara and nod, giving Sara the O.K. to fire.

“We’re willing to die to see this creation of ours save the world, NOT change it. Trying to modify this world is pointless; it will always be full of corrupted creators, but it will also have creators who will serve for the greater good, the ones that will not only create to help and bless others but always destroy the creations of the wicked.” And as I finished, Sara drew her bow and took aim once more.

“But killing me won’t create anything, so just drop the knife before I get off, you” and I spoke the last words the man’s face “Who said anything about killing?”

Sara released her bow as she had it aimed at the plastic Chandler above his head. And before the man could open his mouth, it dropped on the man’s head, temporally blinding him, giving us two enough to sprint upstairs.

“Sara, the files are in the second room to the left in the in the top drawer underneath yesterday’s homework” I purposely yelled this out to set up a trap. Sara ran into the room, which was actually the Lady’s storage room, mostly full of Sara’s creations.

She grabbed a gun that looked as if someone had taken a rectangular steel bar and attached a trigger and grip to the bottom of it. “Oh man, I’ve been wanting to use this since I got it working.”

I run into the furthest room which was the study room for us. “Ahhh shoot, totally forgot what file cabinet had the files.”

The man finally composed himself, and yanked the arrow from his hand, and pulled a knife from his belt. “You think you can fool me? I’ll search this whole damn house to find those files” yelled the man. “HEY! Ugly looking creep! I’m up here with the files! And I’ve decided you’re right, I can’t be trusted with this serum, and it’s too powerful for me to handle!” Sara was just taunting the man now. “I swear, I’m gonna make sure you never see the light of day!” Sara replied while chuckling “Ah man, you are just full of clichés aren’t you? Sheesh, and here I was hoping I’d get to be chased by a bright boy, oh guess I was just on the road headed towards clichés and cheap talk”.

The man’s anger increased as the seconds passed. “You think this is some sort of game? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t know who you’re messing with!” and as the man was about to continue, Sara yelled “SHUT UP! COME UP AND GET ME, CREEP!” and with that, the man sprinted toward that same room that I had yelled out. I was searching through the study room, looking frantically for the files and finally, I stumbled upon in them.  “AHH HA!!” I said hushed, hoping the man didn’t hear me. “They were just sitting on the top shelf of the bookcase, not exactly in plain sight, but still pretty open..”

I then stuff the papers into a file, then in a bag, I carry for classes. Deciding to stay in the room, I held on to the knife that I took from the kitchen, wiping the blood on the window curtain. The man enters the second room to the left and stops as he stares blankly at Sara.

“Hey, darling” she winks at him “I got a little something for ya,, instead” and just as the man begins to react by running towards her with the knife, she blows him a kiss and pulls the trigger. BAM!!

The man is blown back to the wall in the hall. The man had no bullets. Instead, it was a set of four wires, all stuck to his chest.

“Oh I lied, I wasn’t gonna shoot you, more like… shock you” She smiles in delight, flicks a switch on the gun and electricity flows through the wires. “ahh sh-“ the man was stopped and then sent into a world of electrifying pain.

I walk out of the room and see the man, being electrocuted, only felt a small bit of sympathy. Sara flipped the electricity off and pulled the wires from the man’s chest. He was out cold. “How much was in that?” asking with slight interest “8,000 volts. but..” Sara grinned at me “It’s the amperage that does the job, which was about 5 milliamps so another ten seconds and we would have to find an excellent place to bury the creep.” She walks back into the room, grabs a few nick nacks, put them in a bag and handed them to me. Sara’s voice matured “We have to go Emilee” Taking note of the flux in the conversation, I respond likewise “But Sara… what about school?” Sara sharpened her tone “really? Are you still gonna be a stick in the mud? Even after we just had someone from the agencies come and try to kill us?” I think to myself ‘ I’m no stick in the mud! Am I?…” “you handled him pretty well” Sara stood there quietly “….” Time for me to change the subject! “I need to complete the serum, though, there were a few things I still need to add to it” Sara goes along with new subject “Can you really just keep injecting yourself? Is that how it actually works?” I don’t think that was best of putting, but I only say “No, I don’t know. Well, actually I do, but how else am I gonna get it to work? It has to go directly into the blood stream to really have an effect.” and what Sara said next, well I totally wasn’t expecting it “Well if it works, I want in” I smile, accepting her invite “Well, I wasn’t planning on doing this by myself…”


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