More Than a Princess: Urgent Rescue

“Damn it!” Shouted Arthur, kicking out his frustration.

We almost had her in our grasp. We were so close to finally getting our princess back. “Natalya, did she look in the mirror? If so, that should trigger her memories” I asked in hopes, even though I knew the sort of injury she experienced would definitely damage her memories.

“She did, but it’ll take much more than it to jog her memories. How about we report back to Scoffer, he’ll give us our next objective there. Krista, how do you feel about going on a solo mission?” I knew where this was going

“I think Princess Cortana will give you permission to be our eyes for Earth.”

“Do you think so? I personally thought I was ready to go, but, there is still that chance that I was the only one that truly saw me ready to lead a solo mission.”

“Oh yeah!” Natalya exclaimed “I totally believe that she will give a chance to go out on a solo mission.

Remember “Fall of Cecil Hill?” “That was the mission where I had gone to one of the sky cities in order to find a hidden fugitive that was going to ignite the cites and send falling on to the several of the land areas. I had a lead on where the fugitive was, as I had an in on where he could have possibly been. It was sketchy for most people, but for me, I had theories and predictions that were sound enough to be facts.”

“That was one helluva mission Ana, and honestly, you should have died, but my goodness, I’m pretty sure luck had a thing for you.” Case in point, I survived and now, if people need a spot-on tracker, I usually got the case.

“What do you say, Ana, will you take the gig?” I looked at Arthur and Natalya and they both looked back at me, giving me the most encouraging set of eyes I have ever seen.

“Alright, I’ll go. This should definitely prove to be exciting, and if I succeed, I think I’ll be a bit more known.” “A bit more known? HA! You’ll be in the Princess’s regime!” I chuckled, for all I thought, I truly wish for that happen, it’s all a big IF.


“Kendra” That is my name, I know it is, that’s never changed, but “Samantha Bower”? Hell if knew what that meant. Yet, I can’t help to think that it really what my name was. I walked out onto the dirt road, knowing very little of my location, and so I thought, as best as I could, I went off my knowledge where I could be. I continue to dwell on my thoughts about my pursuers, and what they wanted. Clearly, these weren’t some causal folks wanting ransom, no, they wanted something much more important. What am I? Why am so I important that People are traveling across dimensions to find me? It has always been so odd to me that I haven’t been able to remember much of my past. Why is this?

As I think about this thoughts, a feel a small pain flow through my head.

What happened to me six years ago? I was adopted by a family, a caring family, wait, no, before. I meet a girl, Tashina, she walked with me as I looked for shelter, I didn’t have any, but I didn’t want to admit that at first. She walked me to a where the city met the county road, from there, I walked on my own because I honestly was going to find a place to stay.

The pain in my head grew stronger.

I thought even further back, as I finally gave myself a chance to think back to what really happened to me. My stomach rumbles, and then I remember what I had for lunch. A flatbread sandwich from my mother, with ground beef, chipotle sauce, onions, uhh, some other vegetables… My mother, who is she? Faythe Crownsor, that’s right, and her daughter, Emily? Yeah and my father, Clyde Crownsor,… But, these people aren’t truly my family members, no they, aren’t. They’re most kind and gracious family I had ever met, though, and now that they’re gone, I feel, not lost? No, that’s terrible, though, why I can’t feel like it was a major loss? I feel so insensitive, maybe I’m just so shocked that they’re gone that I believe is okay and that there’s no need to freak out because I just saw people from another dimension jump through portals and steal away my family members. Yeah, no big deal… No, I’m totally denying any of it happened. No, I can’t be… I am not alone, that’s not possible, no such thing could happen, I’m just a normal 21 girls that were visiting her family from college and everything is okay, and I’m just dreaming, and there’s nothing wrong and I’m not really hungry and, and, and, and….

My headache overcomes, and I succumb to the pain, kneeling over.


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