Plini’s Handmade Cities

As one story ends, so must another begin in its place. Handmade Cities is Plini’s Fourth studio album to date, offering a new scope of his abilities and talents. Influenced by the likes of his djent colleagues such as Intervals, Sithu Aye, and Helix Nebula, Plini combines his jazzy symphonic nature, to reflect his influences, refining his melodic and rhythmic techniques. However, Plini’s primary focus here is the groove, it was essential that all songs grooved, and grooved hard. Even with all flying notes, sporadic drum patterns, and background harmonies, a steady beat is present throughout his creations. The solos are straightforward and sweet, as he gives more room for riffs, melodic harmonies, and subtle syncopations. This album marks a new path for Plini, with the same friends as before, only now better than ever, carrying with them an infectious groove to share with all they pass by.

Electric Sunrise – As the opening track, it sets the mood for what’s to come, with a new beginning ahead, it is made know that he intends to show a more metal side, but also showing his cool cat side, still jamming out with subtle riffs and jazzy harmonies. 

Handmade Cities – the title track, it opens like a house anthem with both heavy and light syncopations, smooth melodic lines, and atmospheric harmonic layers, it lets everyone know that this party is going strong and shows no signs of stopping. Here, we hear his more relaxed solo, but still telling a fantastic story through his melodic ideas

Inhale – A duet between guitar and drums involving a smooth layer of cool harmonies, and fast rhythmic patterns, to chorus a with guitar and drums following one another in steady syncopation. 

Every Piece Matters – Here’s the sweet and savory bit of the album that grooves the hardest of all the tracks without heavy hits, but instead, his melodic lines set up the groove to rock steady through the tune. Think funk; chill, with a bit attitude.

Pastures – the Following suit from previous tracks, heavy syncopations, smooth melodic lines, and warm harmonic layers, we have a little treat here. Plini adds in his signature solo to mix, making it the cherry on top of this tasty track.

Here We Are, Again – A reflection upon his work, this short track gives an ode to his work up until this point, not by repeating any melodies, but giving the album a rest to show the journey of Plini up until this point.

Cascade – What better way to end the album than to give the listener another sick grooving tune to ride along with! Similar to Handmade Cities, the form and structure are there, but with a heavier driving line this time, giving meaning to the phrase “going out with a bang.” 

“Handmade Cities” is exciting, relaxing, and adventurous. It’s Plini’s secret how he does it all, but give him a listen, and you’ll know exactly what I mean! 

Here’s the link to his Bandcamp page, I hope you all enjoy it!

iTunes link

Amazon link


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