Vitamin: My story is one of many

Within the hour, we started walking towards North Frontage Road. I had my messenger bag with the files for serum in it. Sara hadn’t changed her expression since we got back from the party earlier this evening, yet I had gone through almost every emotion I had in the past two hours. Sara’s stomach then made a small growling sound, and she stopped. “I haven’t eaten in a while” Sara quietly said. “But were already 2 miles from home, and the next Diner is about 3 miles somewhere from here” I figured she had been thinking out loud since the nearest place was 1.5 miles from here, but she had a point. My stomach gave a sympatric growl, but I could last a few hours without food. 

“Hey Emilee, where do you think is the closest place to eat?” Said Sara

“Pepe’s?” I replied.  She stopped and looked at me with the face of confusion 

“You know he’s open till 9, right?”  

“I know the owner, Frank, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind staying open a bit longer for us” I replied.

It’s 11 pm on a Friday night. Perhaps Frank already closed down his restaurant, but with all the recent uproar that’s been occurring due to the rival gangs, Frank has decided to take sides, and offer his restaurant as a safe haven. 

“Do you have any affiliation with any of the gangs here?” I asked Sara.

“No, my fight isn’t with them, but I don’t think the purpose of the gangs is useless. Academia is a crucial element to a city’s growth, but when is cut into segments and offered in partial pieces, then surely the city will go limp until it decides which side to cut off.” 

“Right, but don’t spend time with it’s leaders? People from the gangs do recognize you, and so I thought you had taken sides”

“No, I was merely understanding the situation, but that doesn’t mean I was tried on. As tempting as their offers were, I didn’t see any real to reason to side. For one hand wants an Elitist culture, and the other a culture of Equality and Tolerance. From how I see it, the two go hand in hand. Why do you ask?”

“The Colts use Pepe’s as a safe haven, so I thought you would have so some conflict there.” 

“Oh, perhaps, the Logos gang isn’t a gang of violence as much as the colt gang is. But unless they got the wrong idea about me, I should be safe. If not, I can hold up in a fight fairly well.” 

“I don’t doubt that”

“It was an exciting time wasn’t though?” Sara said with smug look

“If you say so”

I loaded the shotgun with a few cherry blanks, put some live ammo in my pouch, then locked the shotgun. It is said the best safety is my finger, but I’ll give it a break and let it have fun tonight. I set it down, looking for a hair band, then look for my glasses. The man on the radio tells me it’s going to be a chilly night, so I look for my coat, and my rifle hostler, and make sure I have everything I need. Tonight is going to be a busy night. The Alicasters are having their 20th annual party, there’s a rally at Hillhouse Avenue for the soccer team, and there’s also the performance at the Education Center. Scott’s Quartet will be premiering a first, Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 4, a lovely concert that I will unfortunately have to miss. With everything set to of, I head downstairs where my good friend, Ali, awaits me.

“Hello, darling! Are you ready for tonight?”

Ali, with her jet black hair, young face, and porcelain complex, looked like a doll to some, but she was quite bashed. She spoke, but often with profound quotes. 

“Revenge is for one track minded, vengeance is for the common man, but justice is for the righteous.” 

“Lovely Ali, and that’s why, tonight, the Colts will have their justice” We look at each other for confirmation to go, and then set off into the night, our reputation following.

The serum is the X factor here, and I was not ready for its effects. For, in theory, I knew its effects on me, but with the rush of everything, I injected myself in haste. I wait with anxiety and fear of its hold on me. 

As I look around to clear my thoughts, I start to wonder that the most baffling thing is that life continues in this city as it would with any city, parties, rallies, and concerts, all the nightlife is still a rave. I wonder if anyone will know the chaos that will happen in the coming days. The agency is coming to look for me, and they’re not going to go easy.

Sara relaxed persona calms me down, and I take a deep breath in, and start to remember the reason why for this whole event. I have a mission, I am to be a beacon, as determined by my Lord, and as crazy as it sounds, I know this to be true to my heart. But, would anyone believe me? If the serum doesn’t kill me, then my self-doubt will. I choose to believe my calling because it was so crazy, so I thought, this has to be it, this is bigger than me, and I would have sacrifice everything to make it work. Maybe I should tell Sara, perhaps she would believe me. 

“Sara? I need to..” 

She stops and forces me to do the same. Glaring back at me, she grabs my arm, and we book it. I release myself from her grip, and sprint alongside her. We race down the street. No one is seen in sight, yet we hear crowds and their actions.  In fact, it seems like the noises never die in the distance, but it almost sounds as though. As they are following us. 

I look back, and see no one. Sara wraps herself around me and we go down into the wet grass. The shots get louder, my pulse increases, my senses heighten, and then I hear voices come closer.

“Where did they go?” 

“Doesn’t matter, Becka is bleeding, and I can’t find Ali.”


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