More Than a Princess: Families matter

The second sun sets, and as I view it from the palace balcony, I hear my majesty’s footsteps as she comes onto the main floor. “Princess Nephilla, a pleasure to see you.”

 I greet her as I walk over and bow to her. I offered to take her coat and pouch as well. 

“Madame Sibelius, how good it is to see, I’ve had such a tiresome day, taking over lands is such a fun, yet taxing experience!”

Princess Nephilla, or as I call her on downtime, Natasha, is the Princess of the far North Lands and has close relations with the King and Queen of the south. Today was a big day for her, as she finally took the remaining bits of her regime to go and conquer lands that close to the East, as they were being quite pesky to the King and Queen of the South.

“Kathy, please do tell the news you have about the missing princess. Samantha, that’s her name, correct?”

She hasn’t asked me about the disappearance of that girl in about 2 years, I wonder if she knows that the search for her has stopped.

 “I know what you are thinking dear, “how could the search for poor ol’ Sammy still be going on?” Well, I’ll have you know, that a small group of rebels from the south have finally managed to track this girl down. So again, I asked, have you heard of anything about this girl?” 

Rebels? There’s always someone trying to rebel against the King and Queen, but I suppose this group is really wanting to get some attention.

“No, I have not heard any information on this girl, or this group.”

I wonder what Natasha was asking for

“Good, that’s how it should be, as only a handful people know about this group, mostly because there’s no substantial proof that they truly exist. So if you could dear, do please keep hush if the matter ever comes up around court officials.” 

“Yes, majesty”

I’m curious now, eager to know why she asked. 

“I’m telling you this information because I do actually have an assignment for you. You see, I can’t just ‘disappear’ from my duties, but I do want to desperately find out more information about this. I need you to go over to the South and dig up some more information on this ‘rebel group’. Can you do this?”

She looks so excited, that even if I wanted to decline, I couldn’t resist her emotion about this mission. 

“Yes, majesty, I will help you in finding out more this ‘rebel’ group.” She jumped from her throne sit. 

“Oh, wonderful! I’m so excited! And remember, you keep that pretty mouth of yours shut, or else, I’ll be crying when I have your head! Just teasing dear, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be let off the leash if you spoke about this to anyone else.” 

“Yes, of course, my majesty, it will be an honor to serve you, and I will bring you back as much information as I can for you.”  As I walk out, Natasha says one more thing.

“And please don’t get caught, because, if you do, I am unable to help you, and I would truly hate to lose you!” I turn around. 

“Don’t worry Natasha, I make sure to come back, just for you.” 

“Ah! Emily! I’m so glad you made it back alive!” 

Arthur and Natalya give a grumbling welcome back. 

“Oh! And welcome back my lovely runners! Arthur and Natalya, you both have had your time to shine, and perhaps you still can” 

Arthur was the first to respond. “I’m good, but I can’t say I don’t miss the old days of us fighting the North Eastern folk” 

Then Natalya. “Maybe, I do like life the way it is now. Not always having to be in that skin tight uniform, I do enjoy my air.”

Princess Cortana chuckled and said “Oh, try 35 years darling, then come back and tell how wonderful it truly it is to have “air” ”. And Arthur, how I don’t miss those awful battles, I almost lost you! It is a true shame that you are not of higher order, I really could use a bit of company”

 I cough a bit to grab attention to myself. 

“Princess Cortana?” “Huh? Oh! I am so sorry! It’s just, once you hit my age, human affection suddenly becomes a thing one desperately needs, maybe it’s just a phase. I apologize to you Arthur, it was uncanny for me to hint that sort of thing” 

He accepts her apologize and she continues onto to me. 

“So I heard you were interested in becoming the next scout?”


“Oh please darling, I could already see how eager you were to be the scout! How could I not give the position to you!”

 You have proven time after time that your ability to track people down is phenomenal, need I remind you who found Kendra in the first place? Yes, I do, it was you!”

 I was flattered, and a bit proud. “I know you’ll do just splendid! But, I couldn’t have become a princess and stay so if I was that naïve. So, I must warn you, failure to find Kendra Samantha Bower, will cost more than your reputation, it’ll cost this whole land area it’s last hope to have to fend off from the South. It’s such bothersome thing, knowing that after all the work the North and South had put forth in creating better relations, there comes this group of rebellious individuals that want to come and separate it, again. And what do these groups do? They form their land areas, taking over what was once land areas owned by princes and princesses. It’s a bit ironic to think that we are now that group that’s rebelling, but really, it’s us rebelling against the rebels who are rebelling against the two nations that have fought so hard to end the almost rebellion. Oh well, I digress.” 

She took a deep breath and rested her head back on her throne. Arthur walked up to her. 

“We did end up finding the girl, but only managed to bring back her family. May we bring them in?” 

Cortana looked interested. 

“Yes, please do!”

Natalya walks to the main doors, opens them and there stood Kendra’s family.

 “Please, don’t be shy, come forth! Let look upon your beautiful faces!” They walk forward, scared, as would anyone be in their situations. 

“Now, let us clear up a few things. You will be a ransom for Kendra, but you will not be treated as ransom, instead, we will keep you safe and well treated here in the palace, for, we are not out to harm anyone for ill reasons, but we do desperately desire our Kendra back. I do hope you will be co-operative with us.” Then Kendra’s mother spoke up. 

“What!? Just… Just who in the name goodness gracious are you?”

“I am Princess Cortana, the princess of this land area. You are currently in the South nation, and I rule over the Northern most South Eastern land area. Most importantly, though, you are in a completely different dimension than your own. In a way, a different planet, but not too far off from your planet, as far as life forms go. I suppose if you mapped our exact location and sent a spaceship out to met, you would find us, but traveling through deep heaven isn’t as easy as it seems. Point in case, you are a stranger in strange land, and you a being used as ransom to attract a long lost Princess that we truly desire to have back.” 

Then Kendra’s father spoke up. “You desire, our Kendra, the one we legally brought in our family? Because she is some sort of princess? Forgive me, but this is all a bit difficult to comprehend. You’re asking for some company until your “Princess” comes back, and if she does, what will happen then? Do you just keep her? Is that it? Did she even have any type of family here?” 

I intervened

 “Yes, but the family system works differently here at Lagos. When a child is born, they are given a chance to prove themselves. Starting at the age of 13, after 5 years of training, the youngling is given a test. This test determines starting positions, and although you must stay with the position for five years, as to show true commitment, you can retest after those five years. Kendra passed the test and received the honorable designation of Princess. From my understanding, she was an outstanding student and learner. But, she was an interesting one, as she would employ tactics of a princess that were quite unconventional, yet still, yield successful results. Your “daughter” was our most praised Princess. I know this because I was her student. And I become her student only after a few short months before her leaving.” 

Kendra’s sister spoke up. 

“My sister, a Princess? I befriend a Princess? Now that’s something that doesn’t happen to anybody. I am honored to have become such a good friend to her, and I am so elated I choose to help her that rainy day she was walking home, looking for a home. She resisted to tell me, but I knew, and that’s how I found her the following day.” She seems to be the most reasonable one 

“Hi, I am Sonya, Sonya Kissinger. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!”

Both parents look at their daughter a bit confused. All look back at Cortana. The father speaks. “My apologies, Princess Cortana, we acted on our emotions, as Kendra is extremely close to our heart, and we would rather not lose her, but if must, we will allow you to do what you need.” 

The Mother then adds. “I am Linda, and that is my husband, Oliver. If there’s anything we could have our daughter back, even if that means staying here, then we’ll do it. Kendra has changed our lives and point of view of life! But I am curious to know, what was her life like here?”

“My oh my oh. Already having faith that we will find her? I do enjoy this quite a bit! My lovely guests, there are no guarantees that we will gain our Kendra back, but I assure you, there’s an 85% we will see her again. You can count on that!” Completely ignoring Linda’s question. 

Princess Cortana gets up from her throne, walks down to the family and offers to show them around the palace. But before she does, she walks over to me, hands me a package and whispers to me. 

“Best Wishes! I know you’ll do amazing! And if you need any help, do please contact us, because even though you going on your own, doesn’t you actually truly on your own!” 

She smiles at me and I smile back then we bow to one another, and I then proceed to bow to my friends, and finally to the family, making eye contact with Sonya. I leave, the room, and begin my journey to find, our lost princess. Kendra Samantha Bower. 


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