For my bro, Solomon 

Killswitch Engage

Our go to band 

everything sick licks related

We were guitar masters 

and everyone at 

school know it to be true

But you 

Also You built rockets 

You mad scientist 

Getting your license 

to shoot those missiles

Sounded WAY cooler than


to you 

And I

Well I skipped homework

Just so I could sweep

pick like the real

guitar pros

The only A, B, and Cs I knew

were those on

the staff

Keeping a hold on the rewind button 

I’d like to apology 

for taking our Lord’s

name in vain 

In front of your forgiving Parents

Overall, it was

a pretty cool birthday party 

Button held 

I always loved 

imagining the non 

existent landscapes and 

fictional characters

then pretending to

be, only to

fight one another

Close to our genesis

That was our start 

Our interest saw one another 

Friendship was inevitable 

So just like how

you remember rocket 


I know you’ll

remember our bond 

I still remember our 

guitar duo and I

hope to shred with you

once and forevermore



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