Mr. Bean


my name is

Mr. Bean

Yes, just like the quiet

man, whose actions are

louder than a rock concert

in Rio

By my name

you could assume I cause gas,

which is true, but I do so much more

than toot your tooter

on a serious note, I

give life

To the living dead, by

that, I mean college students

but mostly, adults of every kind

From workaholics in an office, to conservatives on a ranch.

There is no place I am not known

And I apparently go quite well with pumpkin

I’d say I act like Mr.Bean, making the most

quiet individual, loud and heard.

Perhaps I can’t act, nor make funny faces

but I could make you look funny, or

completely opposite

I just know


am exciting


a bean

that’s on

a tree



I am a plant

your most favorite plant in the world


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