Paper Route’s Real Emotion

Poppy hooks, whistling tunes, and lighter-waving anthems, Paper Route newest album Real Emotion is a terrific and robust creation. In their previous work, they have been able to combine heavy beats with synth pop melodies, producing a unique hip sound. This along with syncopated lyrics, Paper Route makes sense of the modern pop stars while also bringing the best of Alternative. 

What makes the album worthwhile is the collaborative idea of JT Daly, Chad Howat, and Nick Aranda. Their idea was to go to a cabin, named the North House, in the hills of Tennessee. At the cabin, their audience consisted of spiders, snakes, other curious creatures and themselves. This retreat to the woods made a significant impact on how each track was created, allowing their surroundings to mold each musical idea they had. A creak here, and a crack there; knocks on the wall, and gusts on windows. It all created an organic sound for their music. So, this isolation is what truly helped the members of Paper Route be entirely intentional when writing their ideas.

Indeed, there is real emotion and real influence in their sound. Paper Route has that pop sound that we all know and love, a simple back beat and a jivin bass line all to accompany the cheeky and fun melodies. And to prove that the retreat to the woods actually did influence their sound, just listen to the beginning of Chariots, the whooshing sounds of the wind, small creeks in the verses, and the nocturnal chord progressions. Next up is Laugh about it, a song based on the blue collar lifestyle and how it doesn’t bode well in an artist’s landscape. This tune, which has a cheeky melody and dancing bass line, is the most “poppy” track on the album. Then finally there’s Zhivago, with its romantic progression, repetitive lyrics, driving beat, this one is what would be a dance anthemThere’s no doubt that Paper Route are intentional about their music, every beat and note were tailored from scratch, all for the listener’s enjoyment.

Real Emotion is where the party is at, my friends. There are tracks to jam out to, and then some to use for meditation, and even some to just have a laugh over. Whatever the occasion, Paper Route’s Real Emotion is a necessity to any experimental/indie/rock playlist!

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