Boulet’s Old-Time Radio Show

Production overview

Directed by Jim Miller and Lynna Bates, Boulet’s Christmas production of “Old-Time Radio Show” is a wonderful performance for the holiday season. The production features two radio shows; the first show is The Whistler: Letter From Cynthia, a drama about medical intern, Dr. Andrews, and his fatal choice in whether or not to save a former friend during Christmas night, and then the second show is My Favorite Husband, a comedy that focuses on the Coopers “two people who live together… and like it!”. The show is 2 hours in length with intermission and features local advertisements.

With no better way to support a community than supporting the people and their productions, attend Boulet’s Old-Time Radio Show. Please come and see this wonderful performance at the Putnam Centennial Senior Center, 719 E. 3rd St., Cle Elum, play starts at 7 p.m.!



Boulet Productions has successfully produced plays, musicals, and now, radio shows. With the radio show, “Old-Time Radio Show”, it has given Boulet a few sweet additions which include: minimal blocking, simple set designs, and most importantly, facial expressions. I noticed that when I attempted to only listen to the play, I was lacking in the experience. Once I stopped listening and gave my eyes to the play, I was given real emotions from the actor’s facial expressions and had my imaginative work cut out for me.

Of course, these great facial expressions could only be accompanied by great voice acting. Playing a heartbroken intern and a stark husband, Mick Munden had brought his characters to life with just a few articulations and shifts in pitch. Speaking with the articulation marking misterioso, Kathy Stancik narrates as The Whistler. As listened to her, I almost thought her voice would break the fourth wall as she spoke to the characters. Julie Sand has some serious skills if she can go from a passionate actor to a jingle singer, then sob as her friend left unsettled. Morgan Smith knows how to act a villain, even if he did so to protect his job; I didn’t like him, or rather, that’s what he made me believe. At last, I may be a bit biased about this, but I do not think anyone could disagree with the fact that Lily Bates was the star. A true actor and performer, she made a lovely wife with a crazed desire for a mink coat, and I honestly wanted her to get the coat just so that she would settle down! If anyone is on par with Lily Bates, I would imagine it being Faith Larson, a wonderful friend that knows to dramatize every little thing.

Real emotion, real voicing acting, and now, real ads. At first, I thought the ads were stock ads just for the kick of them, but that is not the case with this radio show. The play has real ads that promote real stores and companies. The best part of these ads was that I wanted to pay attention to them, rather than wanting them to end so that the performance could go on. Even the jingles made were brilliant! Coming from a small town, and regular folks, the team from Boulet productions have created truly authentic radio play. This radio show production has the potential to be something more than just a Christmas show, and I sure hope they continue as I would love to hear more from adventures of The Whistler and My Favorite Husband!

Initial Thoughts 

As the saying goes, “10/10; would buy again”. Boulet’s Production of Old-Time Radio Show shows that Kittitas County does have some wonderful entertainment that is worth checking out. What makes this production so special is that it is completely local, and has community members ranging from Ellensburg to Roslyn, which makes it all the more amazing that such great talent is found in even the smallest towns.


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