Interval’s The Shape of Colour

Progressive music has been the port for all musicians to come and see what they can really do; no standards to follow, no progression to copy. And no song structure to adhere to. That doesn’t mean that following a set of guidelines lacks creativity or originality, but that when the old is used make something new, it’s seen as rising above the horizon, above what think is the norm.

INTERVALS is one of the few bands that has listened and responded to the ever growing genre of Prog. INTERVALS take the song structures of rock, melodies of prog, and the dense duality of metal, to create an adrenaline-fueled adventure.  In their newest Album The Shape of Colour, Interval masters the skill of rhythmic melodies, irresistible grooves, and damn good musicality. 

Riffs that never stop and make seamless transitions into each section of a song, one-second stops, and verses are the only times were the albums take a chance to breathe. However, even with this, the train of riffs don’t feel forced, they’re fast for sure, but not overwhelming. What gives The Shape of Colour a living pulse, is the crucial metrical inertia it makes; a beat that grooves and grooves hard till the very end of a song. The sheer push and pull from every arpeggio and chugging riff tugs on the listener to move along with its accented beats and unstoppable rhythms.

INTERVALS has mixed cutting-edge melodies with busy rhythms, a result that is similar to a gigue, or folk dance songs. They’re melodic lines that stand on their own without a backing guitars or drums. Impressive, I’d say so indeed. 

Sure Shot, a song that sits in the pocket of rhythm and doesn’t let go of its energy, even after the final cadence. Drum, bass, and guitar, all rhythmically in-tune with another one. From the heavy downbeat to the chill bridge, and finally to back to the dark riff in the intro, marking its presence as a solid hit to the album.

Sweet Tooth, a song that gives any music lover ears a heavy dose of Dolce vibes and grooves. The track is made up of a tasty groove inside, that is then dipped with funky accented hits, sprinkled with a sweet harmony, and topped with a delicious melody.

Libra, the last track on the album, is a proper farewell to the listener. Featuring a hefty amount of solo guitar work between the choruses, it has a well-worn minor tonality that’s cheered up by a solid backbeat and driving chord work. The guitar solos are short but packed with sweet notes and rhythms.

The Shape of Colours is awesome. It marks the tempo of Prog, giving us a good beating pulse that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Well done Intervals, you’ve done good work

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Click on the Bandcamp player to be taken Interval’s page and support the band with donations!


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