Rend Collective’s Campfire II: Simplicity

The best thing about Christian worship music is that you don’t have to be a sculpted musician to enjoy it and take part in the fun. All one has to know is worship melodies. The soul of the performer does all the work; there are no required technical capabilities, only desire. This desire is a yearning to praise the God of Christianity, the God that defined generations, created cultures, and gave the ultimate sacrifice. With this, Christian worship music is the most celebrated music, and there’s no denying that music has been affected by its presence.

So as much as the church is ridiculed, no one can deny that it has the best source of joy and from that comes songs of praise. I hope these ideas of mine help to understand the basis of Christian worship music. It’s best to not criticizes its lack of musicality but to truly appreciate the effort that is put forth to create their songs.

Some worship groups are made solely for worshipping, while others, well they are made for both worship and show. So, when a band sounds as good as when they’re the recording studio to when they perform live, then you know in your heart that the group actually impressive. There’s no need to spice up worship songs any more than rhythm and chords, but that extra touch of musicality adds such a unique sound that rings vibrantly and gives the listener the urge to sing and dance. This urge is one that Rend Collective is known for perpetuating, and what truly makes them one of the more exciting bands to listen and worship with!

Rend Collective, with their musicianship and real devotion to God, create yet another lively Campfire album. The last one was such a joyous success, it was exciting to learn that they’d just produced another. Rend Collective’s take on folk-pop is the unique as it involves a good lot of creativity and energy to pull off. Their grooves are addicting, and the melodies are too good for anyone to not want to sing along with, but most importantly, their energy, coming straight from their soul, is strong throughout the whole album.

Mixing in traditional worship songs and some of their newest material, Rend Collective bring out the best of both worlds, all to glorify the Lord. Songs from Rend Collective’s own collection are arranged and mastered for their lively folk-pop style. The classic worships are the ones with the best seat, as they are reanimated, reimagined, and rearranged for the better. Honorable song mentions include the following: a Hillsong favorite, Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail), My Lighthouse, Joy Of The Lord, and Your Royal Blood. 

Worship should and could happen anytime and anywhere, but when you have a vessel built for worship, there is no shame in using it to praise the Lord Almighty. With Rend Collective’s Campfire II: Simplicity, that ship is ready and eager to set off at any given moment.

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