Sleeping At Last’s The Spring

Sleeping At Last, otherwise known as Ryan O’Neal’s musical endeavors, has been out and about creating soft vibes and chill tunes for Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Bones. The group’s work is heard as welcoming, uplifting, and authentic. There isn’t anything about them that tries to impress the listener; their music comes out genuine, considerate, and lively.

With simple instrumentation, guitar, percussion, and soft vocals Sleeping At Last speak to the listener in a conversation setting, walking us through the lyrics and stories from Ryan’s mind. The lyrics and melodies he produces are as real and lifelike as our lives and tells us stories while providing beautiful harmonic backgrounds and enjoyable accompaniments. When there aren’t any lyrics, he instead makes up beautiful melodic lines and all the same brilliant harmonies from his other works. Sleeping At Last is Ryan’s platform for launching all of his ideas, from the smallest guitar melody to the biggest of arrangments.

The Spring is the newest project by Sleeping at Last. It is for the self-titled movie that is put on by the non-profit organization, Charity: Water. This group aids in providing clean water to developing countries, mostly in Africa. The film documents the story of how Charity: Water came to be. The story goes as follows: a young Scott Harrison came from being a nightclub promoter to having an 180 turn of heart, traveling with a charity organization only to then become acutely aware of the lack of clean water in developing countries. In the end, he finally starts up his own charity organization that sends 100% of its donation straight to providing clean and drinkable water.

The film is about 25 minutes in length and does a fantastic job at getting us to see the need to donate. Yet, its emotional pull wouldn’t be as effective without the soundtrack that accompanies it. Watching the video, and then listening to the album, you’ll notice the sweet dedication Ryan O’Neal made to the soundtrack. It doesn’t take much to make a heart-warming and epic symphonic soundtrack, but what really sets this album apart is Ryan’s attention to every melody and mixing each one to create a short, yet powerful and sentimental soundtrack.

With simple arrangements, the tracks are short and lite and contain great emotions. The melodies are written for cello, and violin, are soft, bowed with grace, and smooth, yet they create an energetic atmosphere, blending into a much more immense harmonic atmosphere. Though the video demonstrates a need for help, the harmonic sensations Ryan creates are joyous, balancing out the seriousness of the situation. Each track adds a soft and lite accompaniment and stays out of the way for the stories to build. With that, each story is able to progressive on its own, while the music supports it with sympathetic melodies and moving rhythms.

The music isn’t heard until there’s complete silence, but yet its presence is still felt throughout the film. Without the movie, the music shows its self to be powerful enough to enact the events of the film, but this trait shows the real magic of the music. It is content, genuine, and considerate. There is no feeling of superficial or forced emotions, only what an actual human can produce; this realness is what makes Ryan O’Neal astonishing, like finally meeting a person who is down to earth. The Spring isn’t Sleeping At Last’s newest studio album, but as far as anyone’s concerned, it’s an album that Sleeping At Last, made and is worth listening to with or without the film. 

If you are interested in learning more about Charity: Water and looking to donate, then please visit their website at

iTunes and Amazon Link

To see the film The Spring click here


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