Mr. Bean

Bean my name is Mr. Bean Yes, just like the quiet man, whose actions are louder than a rock concert in Rio By my name you could assume I cause gas, which is true, but I do so much more than toot your tooter on a serious note, I give life To the living dead, […]

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For my bro, Solomon  Killswitch Engage Our go to band  everything sick licks related We were guitar masters  and everyone at  school know it to be true But you  Also You built rockets  You mad scientist  Getting your license  to shoot those missiles Sounded WAY cooler than Prom to you  And I Well I skipped […]

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Sweet Darling Miss

Darlingness aren’t you just a sacchariferous mist! So rich with, vibrancy! Clarity, such a rarity! And now you have enriched, A part of me! It usually tears me, when you have to flee. Mystifyingly beautific with your frame as a certificate. Ah! My eyes in dreamscape. Escaped from this reality Oh.. How are you are… […]

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Even Death

O, What wondrous love this is For us to walk in truth  in trust  in belief  in hope No other reason for  us to truly live  our lives but to Serve  To protect To honor  To afflict  those who walk beside us  As well as  attempt to demonstrate  this wondrous love to those who walk  […]

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With each strike by a peg to a string  There is a wave that passes as they ring and as a wave travels, it becomes a  being  Singing  Dancing  All to the lead of its own creator  for before, it simply had no mentor  and for a wave to know its purpose, mustn’t  it have […]

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BANG!   Bang! I get shot by the presumed outlaw We think the renegade threw a dynamite. Those alive wait for it’s explosion Boom! Down goes the outlaw Only the sheriff feels safe Everyone else is at each others neck and the proclaimed deputy drinks a beer. Gatling Gun is employed, all missed It, except […]

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