Parallax Speed Pt. I

Micro-explosions filled the engine while pushing exhausts through the pipes. My face squashed and my hands were in the death grip position. The Mini drifting, splashing dirt in every direction. Clutch in, gas out, pull up a gear, gas in, repeat. I had no idea where I was on the track list. I was racing […]

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Vitamin: 10:45pm

Not long before I realized I was in the hands of a thief, who was willing to take my life if necessary. “SARA!!!!  I FOUND YOUR BOW AND ARROW!!!” I yelled as I grabbed the weapon, running to her, hopefully not being noticed by the thief.  I then started thinking “It’s hard to believe that only […]

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More than a Princess

On one side of the bedroom, there’s a mirror that looks out to the great eastern plains of Colorado. To the side opposite of the mirror is a window that reflects it. It’s raining, with a bit of sunshine in the clouds. I sit on the bed, legs folds in, holding tightly, weeping. There is […]

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