Creating Art with Words

Story writing can prove to be easy, or one of the more difficult tasks anyone could ever tackle. Almost always, a hefty amount of emotion is invested in a story, so when it comes time to look back and edit it, it’s often much harder to do so than writing the actual story. In fact, […]

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There is a quote from a play, or movie, whichever came first, that goes like this “I’ve always wanted to be a June Bride… and have a baby right off, in the spring maybe”. Sound familiar? It didn’t to me when I first heard it, but it makes sense after seeing how many weddings take […]

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Rene Santana, the first and last names given to me by my loving parents, is how people have come to know me, otherwise, I am that guy with the voluptuous hair. I enjoy philosophy, coffee, and the holy Trinty of Christianity. I write reviews for bands I fancy, and if you have a band that you fancy, […]

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