Boulet’s Old-Time Radio Show

Production overview Directed by Jim Miller and Lynna Bates, Boulet’s Christmas production of “Old-Time Radio Show” is a wonderful performance for the holiday season. The production features two radio shows; the first show is The Whistler: Letter From Cynthia, a drama about medical intern, Dr. Andrews, and his fatal choice in whether or not to save a […]

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Paper Route’s Real Emotion

Poppy hooks, whistling tunes, and lighter-waving anthems, Paper Route newest album Real Emotion is a terrific and robust creation. In their previous work, they have been able to combine heavy beats with synth pop melodies, producing a unique hip sound. This along with syncopated lyrics, Paper Route makes sense of the modern pop stars while […]

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Mr. Bean

Bean my name is Mr. Bean Yes, just like the quiet man, whose actions are louder than a rock concert in Rio By my name you could assume I cause gas, which is true, but I do so much more than toot your tooter on a serious note, I give life To the living dead, […]

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For my bro, Solomon  Killswitch Engage Our go to band  everything sick licks related We were guitar masters  and everyone at  school know it to be true But you  Also You built rockets  You mad scientist  Getting your license  to shoot those missiles Sounded WAY cooler than Prom to you  And I Well I skipped […]

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Artifex Pereo’s Passenger

Poetic Philosophy, Jiving beats, Romantic Progressions, and mesmerizing melodic lines, Artifex Pereo’s newest album, “Passengers,” has unique qualities, the most notable being the lyrics. It covers issues that have always been brought up in the newsroom. Environmental destruction, corrupt business, refugees, and greedy nonprofits, all of it, explained through provocative poetry and rhythmic patterns. These […]

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